Welcome to PP5 – the recycling service for your PP5 plastic plant pot and label waste.

Largely, in Australia, plant pots and labels are made from PP5 plastic – a plastic that can be recycled over and over again. However, currently only 8% of this plastic found in plant pots gets recycled*. This is where we come in. We want to collect and recycle your PP5 plastic plant pots and labels and give them another plant pot life.

All we need from you, is to find your nearest PP5 collection point and bring us your plant pots and labels. PP5 collection points can be found at around 30 locations Australia wide at participating suppliers and retailers.

Once your PP5 plastic waste is collected and recycled, industry leaders Norwood printers and Garden City Plastics (GCP) create new products out of the recycled materials. And just like that, your old plant pot is a new plant pot.


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Our Mission

We’re all about reducing, reusing and recycling PP5 plastics here.

Our mission is to limit the amount of PP5 plastic plant pots and labels piling up in landfill and send them to a better place – us.

In an industry where waste is inevitable, we are committed to lessening the impact of horticulture packaging on the environment and meeting Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. Through the repurpose and recycling of PP5 plastic, we aim to close the plastic packaging loop and use old pots to make new pots.

We also aim to help to improve plastics recovery and drive increased use of recycled plastics in plant pot packaging.

How it works

How your old plant pot becomes a new, recycled plant pot.

Find a PP5 Collection Point

Ready to recycle your PP5 plastic waste? Find out where using our helpful PP5 collection point finder.


From the nitty gritty of recycling to how to get your PP5 plastic waste to us. We’ve got you covered.

What is the difference between a retail and commercial PP5 collection point?

Retail PP5 collection points are open to the public and where anybody can drop off their PP5 waste to be recycled. Commercial PP5 collection points are for wholesalers and industry members only.

How do I find my closest PP5 collection point?

Simply scan our QR code found on the back of your plant label and make sure your location settings are turned on. Alternatively, use our location finder on our website.

Do you accept and recycle any other types of plastic?

No, we only accept PP5 plastic waste.

What should I do to my plant pots before I bring them to you for recycling?

Simply empty your plant pots of all soil and plants. Then stack and bring your clean plant pots to us.

What do I do with my plant labels?

We accept PP5 plastic plant labels. Please leave them in the pots where possible or place them suitably in the bin.

Can I put plastic bags in your PP5 recycling bin?

Please remove your waste from plastic carry bags, these are not recyclable at our facilities.

What happens to all the PP5 plastic waste collected?

It is taken to our recycling partner and turned into new, recycled plant pots!


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