Schools and their communities are invited to collect PP5 plastics including plant pots, trays and labels to deposit at participating retail nurseries to assist in closing the plastic packaging loop by turning old pots & labels into new flowerpots.

Cash prizes awarded to the top 3 collecting schools to spend at one of their deposit nurseries.

The competition ends midnight November 31st 2022. Terms & Conditions apply

How to Register

School Admin

To start your recycling journey, we require each school have an administrator to set your school up. This can be a principal, teacher or parent. Anyone who will represent themselves on behalf of the school.

  1. Download the app
  2. Press ‘Register a School’
  3. Add your school details
  4. You can now find a bin and deposit PP5 on behalf of your school.

School Administrators will be able to see registered contributors on behalf of the school, how much your school has contributed, and the total school leader board.

 School Contributors

Once a school is setup, students, parents or teachers can download the app, register their own account, find the school they wish to contribute on behalf of and begin recycling!

  1. Download the app
  2. Press ‘Recycle PP5’
  3. Create an account
  4. Enter your details and find your school
  5. Find a bin to start recycling!

Contributors will be able to see the total school leader board.

PP5 Plant Pot Recycling - Pot Drop Man

What to Collect




PP5 Pot Recycling - Recycling Man

Where to Deposit

Ready to recycle your PP5 plastic waste? Find out where using our helpful PP5 collection point finder.

** The public are now able to dispose of their plastic pots and labels at both retail and commercial collection points **

PP5 Pot Recycling - Recycling Bin


From the nitty gritty of recycling to how to get your PP5 plastic waste to us. We’ve got you covered.

What is the difference between a retail and commercial PP5 collection point?

As of April 2022, the public, industry members and wholesalers are now able to drop off their plant pots and labels at both Retail and Commercial locations.

How do I find my closest PP5 collection point?

Simply scan our QR code found on the back of your plant label and make sure your location settings are turned on. Alternatively, use our location finder on our website.

Do you accept and recycle any other types of plastic?

No, we only accept PP5 plastic waste.

What should I do to my plant pots before I bring them to you for recycling?

Simply empty your plant pots of all soil and plants. Then stack and bring your clean plant pots to us.

What do I do with my plant labels?

We accept PP5 plastic plant labels. Please leave them in the pots where possible or place them suitably in the bin.

Can I put plastic bags in your PP5 recycling bin?

Please remove your waste from plastic carry bags, these are not recyclable at our facilities.

What happens to all the PP5 plastic waste collected?

It is taken to our recycling partner and turned into new, recycled plant pots!

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Got a question or want to know more? We’d be happy to hear from you.

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